• The British prime minister is facing calls to step down over a Downing Street garden party amid a Covid lockdown
  • What happened at Downing Street?
  • A photo from May 15, 2020 showed Johnson sitting with colleagues in the Downing Street garden on a balmy early summer evening; on the table there appear to be bottles of wine and a cheeseboard.
  • What exactly is Boris Johnson being accused of?
  • The May 2020 events took place while Britain was in the midst of a harsh Covid-19 lockdown that prohibited socializing. Government guidance stated that people in England could only meet one person outside of their household in an outdoor setting while exercising.
  • Why are Britons up in arms over Johnson?
  • The events involving the prime minister and members of his staff came at points when the British public were being asked to make considerable sacrifices to slow the spread of the coronavirus, which has now taken more than 150,000 lives in the UK.
    By May 2020, all parts of the UK had been locked down for nearly two months, and despite signs of the virus abating, Johnson reiterated throughout May that people should continue to follow the social distancing rules.
  • Calls for the PM to resign
  • Johnson’s apology in the Commons

Why Boris Johnson is under pressure to resign

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