Well, well, well, now it makes sense.

SCOTUS nominee Judge Ketanji Brown presided over the Comet Ping Pong shooter case (false flag). She also refused a plea for a lighter sentence.

“Jackson called ‘the extent of the recklessness’ of the defendant’s actions ‘breathtaking’ as she sentenced Welch on Thursday.

Jackson said she had no reason to doubt that Welch ‘thought’ he was ‘being helpful,’ but said she could not ‘overstate’ the concern that ‘other people will see what you have done and be inspired by it.'”

Four years for shooting a server to “prevent others from being inspired by it,” 3 months for possessing videos of 8-year-olds being raped because of “stigma” and “marginalization.”

Got it.


Source: https://t.me/BLUEPRINT_Q/1204

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