The Corporate Media Gatekeepers Must Be Rendered Completely Irrelevant

I truly believe that two key events that are soon to occur are going to create a seismic shift in the current dysfunctional world media landscape. These two events will shift the balance of power when it comes to how information and news is spread and shared between people around the globe. 

Now I just used the word ‘dysfunctional’ in the above paragraph to describe how well the presentworld media is currently operating. In point of fact the people that have created the current international news and social media will claim it is all functioning just fine, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. That is because they have deliberately set it up to be the way that it currently is. It’s getting the job done beautifully, in fact. 

Because the corporate masters of the current corporate news media fully understand that the purpose of their news media is to keep people in the dark, cut off from the truth, and in a state of panic and hysteria during which they are far more easy to control and manipulate.

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