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The market has been quite active as tech stocks continue to selloff due to a higher inflation environment and the potential for higher interest rates. Despite rising prices at the pump and grocery store, this has not stopped our “trustworthy” members of the Senate with their active hedge fund stock portfolio. 

In fact, since January, a significant amount of our leaders continues to trade their stock portfolio while seemingly lead our country. We have taken the liberty to track these movements and will continue to do so in the future.

One of the most interesting trades we found was by Thomas Tuberville. On January 12th, Thomas purchased Invesco QQQ Trust, Series 1 Option Type: Put Strike Price $285. Invesco QQQ is an ETF that tracks the NASDAQ and other tech stocks. Thomas bought put options on Invesco QQQ, meaning he expects the tech market to get slammed. Since his purchase, the NASDAQ has gone straight down. Genius hedge fund brain here.

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