• Governor Ron DeSantis humiliated a journalist who attempted to ask him a ‘gotcha’ question about the press’s imaginary ‘Don’t Say Gay’ legislation. Watch:
  • “Can I ask you about parental rights in education, what critics call the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill is on the Senate?” WFLA reporter Evan Donovan asked.
  • “Does it say that in the bill?” DeSantis shot back while Donovan kept talking. “Does it say that in the bill?”
  • “I’m asking you,” Donovan said.
  • “I’m asking you to tell me what’s in the bill because you are pushing false narratives,” DeSantis charged.
  • “It doesn’t matter what critics say,” the governor continued.
  • “Hold on, it says ‘advances classroom instruction on sexual identity and gender orientation’,” Donovan stated.
  • “For who?” DeSantis asked. “For grades pre-K through three. So five year old, six year old, seven year olds.”
  • But Governor DeSantis was just warming up.
  • “The idea that you wouldn’t be honest about that and tell people what it actually says. It’s why people don’t trust people like you because you peddle false narratives,” he added to applause.
  • “A school district may not encourage classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity in primary grade levels or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students,” the House bill states.
  • A school district’s violation of the law would open them up to liability with injunctive relief and potential damages, including court costs.

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