Nancy Pelosi just filed a registration statement that stated she exercised 25 call options (2,500 shares) on Tesla with a strike price of $500.

These call options were exercised on 3/17/2022. With a current price of $943/share, Nancy made over $443 for every share she owns or a collective total of $1.1 million. 

What still bugs me is, Congress gets to regulate industries and businesses and then gets to use insider knowledge to make bets in the stock market. Regulations in the energy industry have hampered energy production in the United States (until recently) which has allowed companies like Tesla to profit. Pelosi and the gang then gets to make money off these regulations while ordinary individuals suffer from higher gas prices. Oh, and did I mention, Congress recently gave themselves a 21% pay raise too.

Now it appears as if Congress is loading up on oil and gas stocks to profit from the rise in energy prices. This gives Congress and incentive to keep gas prices high at the expense of the middle class as it allows them to profit from higher operating leverage at the well. 

The only way this ends if we share this blatant corruption with the world. Please share this article and news with everyone you know. It is time we take back our country from these elites.


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