• In 1994, Joe Biden voted for an amendment that was far more draconian than he now claims Florida’s child protection law to be.
  • . In 1994, he voted for an amendment that was far more draconian than he deems Florida’s law to be – one that specifically banned programs or discussion that “affirms a homosexual lifestyle” in schools nationwide, K-12.
  • In summer 1994, the Senate began debate on the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the country’s primary federal education law. As part of that debate, Sen. Bob Smith, R-New Hampshire, offered an amendment to prohibit schools from receiving funds under the bill from “encouraging or supporting homosexuality as a positive lifestyle alternative,” which he defined as the “distribution of instructional materials, instruction, counseling, or other services . . . or referral of a pupil to an organization that affirms a homosexual lifestyle.”
  • When the Senate took up the Smith-Helms amendment late in the day on August 1, 1994, Biden cast his vote in favor, joining the 62 other senators who helped pass the amendment 63 to 36.

In 1994, Biden took the side of parents in these disputes. In 2022, both he and his party call these parents hateful.

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