And – what Durham has collected thus far

The Evidence Thus Far.

In this post I’ll be detailing the evidence, testimony, and documents we know – or can assume – Special Counsel John Durham has obtained during his investigation.

By no means is this an exhaustive list; certainly, he has more information, documents, correspondence, etc. than we realize. There are unknown witnesses who have testified before a grand jury or have been interviewed by Durham’s team. There are issues he’s investigating out of the public knowledge. His investigation is remarkably tight-lipped. As far as we know, they aren’t leaking to the press for publicity or to put pressure on their targets. (Compare that to the likely leak from Special Counsel Mueller’s team that they had enough evidence to charge Flynn’s son, which was reported just as they were trying to get Flynn to plead guilty to the false statements charge.)

Some of this information is organized by category. At other times it is organized by entity or Defendant. Sometimes both. For research purposes, I will probably come back to this and provide updates so we have a running list of what has been done.  

Here is what we know so far.

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