Understanding the relationships between Frank Biden, Charles Barnett, Thomas Howarth, a professional F1 driver and two Italian Royal Families and their connections to the businesses of Epstein’s executor and right-hand man; Darren Indyke.

By Johan Palmstruch

Who is Darren Indyke? 

Darren Indyke is a lawyer by trade; he is implicated as a “captain” alongside Richard Khan in Jeffrey Epstein’s child sex trafficking blackmail operation. This Law and Crime article references a Virgin Islands court case transcript charging Indyke and Khan as “indispensable captains” of Epstein and Maxwell’s child sex trafficking ring.  

The personal lawyer of Darren Indyke is Jeffrey Schantz

Darren Indyke was named in Jeffrey Epstein’s Will as a primary executor (along with Richard Khan and Harvard eugenicist/geneticist Boris Nikolic). 

A business named 124 Parc Monceau LLC is listed as being located at 6030 Le Lac Road, Boca Raton. Indyke’s law firm (Birch Tree) is listed as being located at this same address. Darren K. Indyke is also listed as the manager of 124 Monceau LLC.

Further analyzing Indyke’s corporate relationships helps to paint a picture of the individuals that have maintained a relationship with Indyke and possibly with Epstein. 

Business registration documents for 124 Parc Monceau display Charles D. Barnett as its president.

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