And Because They Very Likely Handled Classified Information Stolen Out of the Executive Office of the President, That’s A HUGE Issue

These people are stupid.

While reading through all of the filings in the Michael Sussmann case, the Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer and political operative who has been indicted by Special Counsel John Durham on exactly one single count of lying to a federal official, I kept wondering what other charges Durham could indict Sussmann for, should he choose to. 

And I suddenly realized that a major charge that Sussmann could be hit with has been staring us all in the face ever since Durham revealed that Hillary Clinton’s private spies had taken data from the Executive Office of the President and used it in an updated and revised version of their Alfa Bank hoax that Clinton’s private dirty tricksters had then delivered to the CIA

Durham made his filing revealing the private contractor network electronically spying on Trump & his associates for Hillary Clinton on February 11, 2022

That was more than two months ago. And I confess I didn’t fully grasp what Durham was trying to show us all in that filing. 

You see, I knew that Joffe and his fellow Georgia Tech researchers working with him on this spying project had security clearances. I mean, they’re federal contractors hired to do cybersecurity work for the government. They by **necessity** have to get high level national security clearances to access the kind of places they do their cybersecurity work.

Like, let’s say for no reason whatsoever, just an example…the Executive Office of the President.

99% of the population out there isn’t allowed any kind of digital access into the EOP because all kinds and all manner of classified and privileged data is flowing through the White House and the various offices inside of it every single day. 

But Joffe was allowed in. And those working with him were allowed access also. And they had to undergo and pass pretty stringent background checks that have to be periodically updated in order to get and keep the prerequisite national security clearances they need to do the kind of cybersecurity work they perform for the FBI, the CIA, DHS, the State Department and for the White House.

Now, the big scandal here that most of us instantly latched onto when Durham made that filing back on February 11 was that Joffe & Co. were obviously abusing and exploiting their access to these sensitive and highly classified digital computer and communications networks inside Trump Tower, Trump’s Park West apartment building, and certainly inside the EOP. Nothing in their federal cybersecurity contracts gave Joffe or his coworkers any permission whatsoever to take any digital information they accessed about Trump or his close associates and hand it off to a freaking political campaign. Nothing in their contracts made it OK to take stolen federal data and use it in a series of hoaxes targeting private citizens and then a sitting President of the United States.

And if Joffe and company were doing all this highly illegal activity in exchange for payment from Hillary Clinton and the DNC, this crime enters a whole new level of seriousness. 

Let me explain why by introducing the real issue:

The issue of national security clearances. 

It’s bad enough when a federal contractor abuses their access to steal information off of federal communications systems and then hands it to a political campaign. 

When that information these private contractors are being paid to steal is **classified** and they give it to people with **no national security clearance** that is when this thing reaches a new level of the utmost seriousness.  It is espionage. And it doesn’t matter that the person paying for the stolen information is a private American citizen. 

Now, I’ve been digging into this. 

And while Joffe and his coworkers had to get the prerequisite national security clearances to do the kind of federal contractor work they were doing, I have been unable to find in days of researching this any evidence whatsoever that Perkins Coie lawyers Michael Sussmann or Marc Elias had up-to-date security clearances while they were working on this Alfa Bank hoax for the Hillary Clinton campaign. 

That means if there was any classified information in the EOP data that Joffe stole out of the White House and gave to Sussmann and Elias, everybody involved in this should be looking at major prison time.

“Yeah now that you mention it, I probably should have gotten a national security clearance before I looked at that stuff Joffe handed to me.”

Ordinary people found to have exposed classified information or intelligence to those not authorized to see it get sent to prison every year. 

What’s gonna happen to Sussmann and Elias, his supervisor at Perkins Coie, if it turns out the batch of EOP data that Joffe stole and gave to them that ended up in the new and improved version of the Alfa Bank Hoax that Sussmann directly and personally handed to “Federal Agency-2” on February 7, 2017, turns out to have had any classified data in it? 

That’s some real smarts there, first stealing the information out of the EOP, then inserting it into your hoax package white papers and thumb drives, and then giving it to a federal intelligence agency.

“Why no, I don’t have an active national security clearance. Why do you ask?”

If these two CIA agents Sussmann met with looked this newly revised and updated hoax over, and realized where some of that data came from about the Russian phones, I can only imagine the look they would’ve given Sussmann at that moment, realizing he has no current active security clearance. And this EOP stuff was less than two weeks old. Which means even his having **possession of it** was a federal crime. 

I’ve been saying for going on 3 years now there are national security issues all over this SpyGate investigation. Serious breaches of national security happened repeatedly and in the most seriously and damaging fashions. 

The Durham Special Counsel Office’s job is to find out who did what, and bring accountability to those who violated the law and violated their oaths. What happened in this massive scandal that dwarfs Watergate cannot ever happen again. 

There’s a reason Rodney Joffe has from the moment he was exposed and called to testify and communicate with the investigators insisted on invoking his Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination. These goons left paper trails a mile wide behind them. 

And Durham is going to expose it all and make them pay. 

And you can quote me on that.


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