• Catherine Engelbrecht said an infrastructure is in place to collect ballots en mass in various communities across the US. It’s two parts – ‘Getting Ballots’ and ‘Depositing Ballots’. Ballots are either taken, or collected through intimidation and remuneration. Authority figures and people they look up to in their communities reinforce this illegal process is acceptable. People surrender ballots in order to secure housing, food, access to employment, and so on. This isn’t new, it is just much more exposed because of the massive influx of cash into the election last year.
  • Engelbrecht – Partial Transcript:

It’s ballot trafficking and voter abuse. It prays upon the most vulnerable in our communities in the most insidious of ways. Each State we worked in has a slightly different twist on the manipulation.

The way these ballots are collected ranges from just swarming into neighborhoods with escalation scripts that get more and more outrageous about why people should surrender their ballot, and more and more aggressive to the other end where you have people lets just say along borders in certain States that are quite literally trapped. And their ballots, among other things, are surrendered in order to secure everything from housing, to food for their children, to access to employment. And in those communities if you don’t play the game, you’re shut out. You’re excommunicated. And because you in often time the economic position you are in you just play along, you keep quiet. This is nothing new. What we say in 2020 though was catalyzed. It was the magnum opus of ballot trafficking because we had this massive influx of money. We had ballot pushes for this mass mail out the paper ballots. And of course our voter rolls are corrupted 6 ways from Sunday.

  • if mass collection of ballots would explain almost everything we know:
  • ** Explains why the massive voter registration drives always focus on these type of communities.
  • ** Explains why Dems spend no efforts to ensure these types of people vote. It’s because their ballots will be harvested.
  • ** Explains why liberal ballot tracking groups want USPS integration. They’ll know exactly when and where ballots hit the ground.
  • ** Explains why the DOJ and others will prevent canvassing at all costs.
  • ** Explains why Dems fight so hard to prevent voter roll cleanup.
  • ** Explains why Dem want to move away from precinct voting and towards “vote centers”, and drop boxes.
  • And so on…..

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