45: “This November we have a chance to do something really spectacular. To bring these marxist monstrosities to a screeching halt. A great red wave is going to begin right here in Arizona and it’s going to sweep across this country, and it’s going to wash hundreds and hundreds and thousands and thousands of Democrat socialists out of office, with an unstoppable surge of Republican patriots and they’re going to be doing it. You’re going to be heading to the polls.

This is maybe the most important election we’ve ever had, but I do believe that 2024 will be even more important.

This is the year we are going to take back the house, we are going to take back the senate and we are going to take back America. This is so important.” 🇺🇸

Source: https://t.me/TheStormHasArrived17/7531

Trump talked to Brnovich & the AZ legislature.

Trump knows what is about to happen

Remember The Supreme Court has not seen election fraud evidence, if you look at what Trump and others are doing, think timing. When he says its going to be like a wave and its going to spread across the country, fraud after fraud after fraud, there will be so much evidence that the supreme court will have to look at it.

I do believe AZ will move to decertify, when I interviewed Sen Rogers this was the direction they are headed.

One of the first things Trump said tonight is “get out and vote”.

Source: https://t.me/TheStormHasArrived17/7526

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