Glenn Youngkin, Virginia’s first Republican Governor in more than a decade, wasted no time addressing his campaign pledges, signing nine executive orders and two executive directives. Within hours of being sworn in, Youngkin:

1. Banned the use of CRT and other inherently divisive concepts in schools;

Executive Order 1

2. Ended school mask mandates;

Executive Order 2

3. Terminated the entire Parole Board of the Commonwealth of Virginia (all were Democratic appointees);

Executive Order 3

4. Initiated an investigation into Loudoun County schools sexual assault coverups;

Executive Order 4

5. Established the position of Chief Transformation Officer to review all government agencies, beginning with the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Virginia Employment Commission;

Executive Order 5

6. Declared Virginia open for business and initiated a review of burdensome Covid regulations;

Executive Order 6

7. Established a commission prevent human trafficking and provide support to survivors;

Executive Order 7

8. Established a commission to combat antisemitism;

Executive Order 8

9. Withdrew from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI);

Executive Order 9

10. Directed all Executive Branch entities to reduce job-killing regulations by at least 25 percent;

Executive Directive 1

11. Rescinded the vaccine mandate for all state employees.

Executive Directive 2

Meanwhile, Attorney General Jason Miyares, who was also just sworn in, has terminated 30 staff members and

2 of the 12* attorneys from the Civil Rights Division of the AG’s Office (alleged Soros backed lawyers).

“The MSM are calling it ‘insane’ and ‘mean,’” writes @Maximus_4EVR adding:

“AG Miyares also warned all county prosecutors he will be pursuing charges for crimes they refuse to [prosecute] themselves. This is a warning to local VA DAs not to do what NY’s DA is doing.

Shades of a post ‘Election 2022’ world?”

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*Updated on 12/16/22 to reflect Victoria LaCivita’s correction

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