During their daily talk radio show last week, the nationally recognized team of Buck Sexton and Clay Travis, who have taken over the time slot formerly filled by the late radio legend Rush Limbaugh, zealously promoted their upcoming scheduled interview with former President Donald J. Trump.

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BUCK: You’ve got people listening all across the country, Mr. President. You got about a minute. What do you want them to know, ’cause right now a lot of them are writing into us; they’re worried. They’re worried about what’s happening in this country.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Our country has never been in a situation like this. Our media is broken and corrupt, as you look at, like, CNN as an example. But you look at the Times and you look at what they write, it’s so wrong, it’s so wrong, and it’s been so wrong, the Russia, Russia, Russia, everything. We’re gonna come back, we’re gonna come back strong, we’ll be bigger and better and stronger than ever before. Something’s gonna happen.

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