• Catherine Engelbrecht dropped several bombs during the interview earlier today.
  • True the Vote purchased 25 terabytes of cell phone data from Milwaukee and other Wisconsin communities in the two weeks before the elections, from October 20th to November 3rd. True the Vote examined the data and found over 53,000 visits to the drop boxes. True the Vote examined the data and looked at who visited the drop boxes in Wisconsin and found over 107 of those people visited the drop boxes over 2,000 times! Several of the people visited the boxes over 15 times per day. We are witnessing similar antics in all of the battleground states.
  • This was a coordinated and highly organized effort by Democrats to steal an election.

Continue Reading: True the Vote Finds 107 Ballot Trafficking Suspects in Wisconsin Visited the Ballot Drop Boxes over 2,000 Times in the Two Weeks before the 2020 Election (AUDIO)

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