Durhams Federal Grand Jury Got All The Evidence After A Long Courtroom Battle Over Subpoenas That Took Place In Utter And Total Secrecy

The biggest unreported Spygate story [besides Hillary’s campaign likely being compromised at the top by Russian intelligence] is the years-long Battle Royale between Durham’s Special Counsel’s Office and Hillary Clinton’s phalanx of high-priced lawyers and her political operative network, comprised of the Clinton Foundation, Perkins Coie, and Fusion GPS. That furious court battle was over the federal grand jury subpoenas for the Steele Dossier/Alfa Bank/federal contractor spying documents that the entire world now knows Durham has in his possession. 

The reason that huge story of how Durham got these crucial and damning documents from Clinton & Co. has gone unreported is because this epic court fight was carried out in complete and utter secrecy without any leaking occurring to alert the press or the public that it was going on.

Few Realized At The Time What the Documents Contained In The Sussman Indictment Implied

Last September, right after Durham unsealed the indictment of top Hillary Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann, I wrote this column for Dave at X22 Report

Please read it now, if you haven’t yet.

Special Counsel John Durham took on Hillary Clinton and the entire phalanx of crooked lawyers she had doing her dirty work – and he beat them all.

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