And Omicron Killed It

By: Brian Cates

The Enemy Has Had Their Ranks Broken

This was a crucial step to overall victory in this fight for world freedom against the forces of international totalitarianism.

The current incoherent madness is not completely over yet, of course. And a cornered animal is still very dangerous. The breaking of their Union does not mean the remainder of this fight will be much easier. But it does mean we now have an advantage we didn’t have before. An advantage we can press home.

So. The evil group of self-appointed national takeover artists I have taken to calling “Great Reset Cabal” has fractured. They no longer are working together. Their alliance has come apart. They’re no longer all on the same page. The confusion in their ranks can be used against them.

While half the world leaders who played along with the Great Reset are now beating hasty retreats, the other half are stubbornly surging forward full speed ahead with the pre-set program.

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