The Fake News Media Is Selling A Simple Propaganda Version of How We Got Here

Here’s the one thing about Ukraine’s current situation that led to this war that most people aren’t aware of or don’t know the full story about. 

The root causes of the current conflict began simmering back in the early 1990’s, started boiling in 2014 and finally blew up in 2022. 

Settle in. This one will take awhile.

One of the harsh realities of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics [U.S.S.R.] was that it’s conquests redrew national boundaries just as ruthlessly as the Catholic Church and Western colonial powers that Stalin and Lenin so stridently criticized. In forging the Republics of the Soviet Empire – often at the point of the gun – nations and ethnic groups with long contentious histories were suddenly melded together under one ruthless centralized political system in Moscow.

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