In an almost surreal way, writing about COVID-19 as a political commentator has become almost second nature. Two years ago, I would have laughed at the idea that we’d still be covering the virus, but here we are, still having it be part of our daily conversation.

That’s not by choice, of course. Instead, it’s because our leaders have insisted on tying the two areas of health and politics together so tightly. When a pandemic is constantly used to crush liberties and hand power to people with tyrannical leanings, that’s not a story that can be ignored.

In all the disinformation and obfuscation of the last several years from the government, though, no issue has been more abused than natural immunity. We’ve known since the beginning months of the pandemic that those who are previously infected gain lasting, durable immunity from the virus. Yet, the CDC, two presidential administrations, and the mainstream media have all steadfastly refused to acknowledge that reality.

Finally, that has changed.

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