Russian Intelligence Appeared To Have Infiltrated The Very Top of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign For President – And Nobody Cared

After the American public spent more than five long years being relentlessly assailed with the narrative that Donald J. Trumpโ€™s 2016 presidential campaign [and itโ€™s subsequent presidency] was compromised by Russian agents, not only has the truth emerged about the vicious dirty trick operation launched by the Hillary Clinton team, the September 2020 declassification of CIA briefing notes created in July of 2016 raised very real questions about which campaign it actually was that had Russian agents embedded within it. 

But none of those questions were even asked, much less answered at the time by the mainstream press or anyone in either party in Washington DC. 

I have been asking the pertinent questions ever since former CIA Director John Brennanโ€™s briefing notes were declassified and publicly released by Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe. I wrote entire columns about the issue, both at The Epoch Times and at Uncover DC.

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