First, why did the OIG not inform the Special Counsel’s office that Sussmann had met with both the Inspector General and his then-General Counsel? And why did the OIG falsely represent that there was no ‘further documentation?’ Sure, it could have been accidental, but given that Durham’s attorneys publicly exposed this ‘mistake,’ it suggests something more is afoot.

Then there is the question of the veracity of the claim and what happens to the investigation. Was there really an OIG employee connecting on a foreign VPN? Who was it? Why? Did the OIG ever find out?

What about Joffe: How in the world did he discover the OIG employee’s computer connecting to a VPN in a foreign country? Was Joffe monitoring other government computers? How? Why? Was anyone else involved? Who knew?

  • The DOJ OIG’s Office got caught trying to hide discovery evidence from the Durham SCO, and Durham used this latest Sussman case filing to both call out the OIG personnel that tried this, and to send a warning to all the other agencies about trying to hide discovery materials from him.DOJ OIG tried to hide Sussmann’s personal meeting with Inspector General Horowitz about an OIG employee’s computer being used in a foreign VPN, and Sussmann’s own attorneys alerted Durham to this omission. Then the OIG tried to claim it had told Durham 4 years ago that it had former FBI General Counsel James Baker’s phones. But the OIG somehow “forgot” to mention this when the Durhsm SCO specifically requested all discovery material related to Sussmann’s case last October. Which led to this explosive filing in which Durham called out and exposed the OIG on both attempts to stonewall him. Sure hope all the other agencies out there are paying attention.

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