Volunteering To Be Cannon Fodder Is Not A Great Idea

Should Have Stayed Home

Many of the cabal-controlled governments and their captive news media outlets have been churning out pro-Ukraine propaganda ever since the Russian buildup on the border began back in early December. Once the Russian army crossed that border, foreign volunteers looking to help Ukraine turn back Putin’s forces flocked to the country looking to help. 

Adventure and thrill seekers and professional mercenaries looking for a quick payday account for much of the stream of volunteers into Ukraine. The problem with being an adventure or thrill seeker is having second thoughts. Thankfully, their Ukrainian hosts seem to have taken this into account. 

Stories like this and this and this are now emerging where shocked and disillusioned volunteers talk about their treatment at the hands of the government they traveled at great expense to help. Several stories of foreign volunteers being held at gunpoint and attempts being made to force them to take on suicide missions are being told by those who have managed to get out.

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