TODAY AT SKYWATCH TV breaking headlines,EXCLUSIVE REPORTS, this week’s top broadcast programs and more include a special report on The Scary “Hybrid Age” Foresaw By C.S. Lewis! In The Abolition of Man, Lewis prophesied the progressive abandonment of what conservatives would call “moral law” based on Judeo-Christian values giving way to “the dead hand of the great planners and conditioners” who would decide what men should biologically become. The term “great planners and conditioners” correspond with modern advocates of transhumanism who esteem their blueprint for the future of the species as the one that will ultimately decide the fate of mankind through policy and law issues that ARE NOW UNDER OFFICIAL DESIGN IN FORECASTING HUMANITY’S POSTHUMAN FUTURE! WHY SHOULD YOU CARE WHAT THEY SEEK!? MUST WATCH, READ AND SHARE IMPORTANT REPORT HERE!


Also at the SkyWatch Television Network today PASTOR CARL GALLUPS shows up on the SIMPLY HIS show to talk about positive role models and how he has a special bond with one tiny member of the Horn family! WATCH INSPIRATIONAL INTERVIEW BELOW!

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