I Also Comment On How Sussmann’s Losing Every Ruling Thus Far

Friday, April 15th was a busy day in the Michael Sussmann case. 

Both the Sussmann defense team and the Special Counsel’s prosecution team made a series of filings. 

Sussmann is the former Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer who has been indicted by Special Counsel John Durham for making a false statement to a federal official. 

Last Week the Defense’s Motion To Dismiss Sussmann’s Indictment Was Denied

Sussmann swung for the fences back on February 17 and then again on April 4th with two Motions To Dismiss, which federal district judge Christopher Cooper denied in a ruling issued on April 13

In making that ruling, Judge Cooper pretty much agreed with every single point Durham had made in his reply to the Motion To Dismiss

Briefly: Sussmann had asked the judge to rule on his own prior to trial that Sussmann’s lie to FBI General Counsel James Baker, the offense for which he had been indicted, was **immaterial** to the FBI opening an investigation into the Alfa Bank hoax, and dismiss Durham’s indictment. 

Durham had countered by arguing that the established case law and precedent clearly shows that the question of materiality was up to jury to make at trial, and pointed out that all of the particular cases cited in Sussmann’s own Motion To Dismiss had all been made **after** the jury had rendered a verdict.

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