• Paul Pelosi Jr. became the subject of a sixth FBI investigation following news that he was previously involved in five different companies suspect of fraud and associated with convicted criminals.
  • The sixth of these investigations places the speaker’s son at the core of a fraud investigation against Rodrigo Santos, the former President of the San Francisco Building Inspection Commission who now holds the role of a city permit expediter. Santos and another commission official named Bernard Curran were indicted in November in a case that has been rumored to include Paul Pelosi. Details emerging from the FBI fraud probe of Santos and Curran include details regarding a client of theirs involved in the alleged bribery scheme who many suspect to be Paul Pelosi Jr himself.
  • This indictment follows an earlier criminal complaint filed against Santos on May 11, 2020. Then, the San Francisco public official was alleged to have committed bank fraud as the principal and co-founder of Urrutia Structual Engineers, Inc.
  • While Pelosi has not been mentioned by name as a conspirator in the previous indictments made by the federal government, FBI records of the five-year investigation they conducted on Santos disclose that Pelosi was interviewed as the federal government built its case.
  • The property in question is infamously referred to as “The Pit” by residents of San Francisco. For years, the flop house has been allowed to operate despite numerous violations.

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