This is for those who refuse to believe the injections, either some, most or all contain the hormone that makes fireflies glow. The name was patented as LUCIFERase. (Sounds like LUCIFER RACE right? Must be a coincidence. It’s not like the Luciferian psychopaths aren’t behind it or anything. Yeah keep thinking that and stay asleep).

One video shows the injection of LUCIFERase and smartphone view of its glowing in the animal. In humans it may glow blue or green rather than pink.

Now do a search on how many people are reporting new purple or blue street lights in many cities. Maybe they literally mean black lights? Because under those, those injected with LUCIFERase glow.

In case you weren’t paying attention all this time, in the dystopian near future everyone will be marked, tracked, surveilled, controlled, plugged into the internet of things Beast System.


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