Jesse Watters On Fauci’s Covid Policy Disaster

“Here was Fauci’s plan, shutdown the entire U.S. economy and tell everybody to quarantine including healthy people.

And then he didn’t do anything for early treatment at all. And then he says stay inside with a mask on, and if you catch covid, wait until you can’t breathe very well then get yourself to a hospital and strap yourself to a ventilator.

Then wait a couple years for a vaccine that I get a cut from…

What he did to the entire world was even worse. This plunged like 300 million people into poverty.

Starvation, malnourishment, what he did to our kids, what he did to the supply chain, alcoholism, drug addiction, child abuse, and think of all the small businesses he shut down.

It’s the biggest transfer of wealth in world history. He takes away 4 trillion from workers and about 4 trillion goes to billionaires.”


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