NOW – Hostage situation at Texas synagogue in #Colleyville. An angry man can be heard on the still ongoing Facebook live stream. Police and FBI on scene.

UPDATE – Facebook has just ended the stream. Last words heard from the unknown man: “I’m gonna die.”

UPDATE – Hostages rescued, suspect dead. FBI says: “[His demands] were specifically focused on one issue that was not specifically threatening to the Jewish community.”


While US Intelligence claims that Americans upset over election fraud & covid mandates are the greatest threat for homegrown terrorism, I’d like to remind everyone that death toll is zero.

Islamic Terrorists have carried out more than 40,761 terror attacks since 9/11.

A British National took Jewish hostages at Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, TX yesterday.

It’s obvious he specifically targeted Jewish people at their Synagogue on the Sabbath bc he is indeed an Islamic terrorist and was demanding the release of another convicted Islamic terrorist, named Aafia Siddiqui aka Lady Al Qaeda.

Was he indeed Siddiqui’s brother?

Did he enter our country illegally through the southern border?

Why cover up Islamic terrorism?



What are the odds that the Texas synagogue terrorist was known to FBI?

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