Biden’s disastrous first year. A stunning list of failures.

This is a short list of the Democrats’ plans, policies and legislation which have all failed, with no chance of passage in the future:

1) All of the federal takeover of election Bills: HR1/S1. Voting Rights Act. John Lewis Bill

2) Build Back Better Reconciliation Bill

3) Global Warming Hoax/green energy funding (part of BBB)

4) Woke laws that would apply to many industries (part of BBB)

5) Anti-police bill

6) Anti-2A bill

7) Abolition of the filibuster

8) Doubling minimum wage

9) Court packing

10) DC as a 51st state

11) Amnesty for illegals

12) Pro-Act, which would allow unions enormous power

All those grand leftist plans. None of them passed. All DOA


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