This is truly Biblical.


President Trump’s Rally on 1/15 is in Florence, AZ

located in Pinal Country.

Interesting, Florence, AZ is located on the 33°.


The word Pinal comes from the Hebrew word, Penuel(פְּנוּאֵל), meaning, face of God” or “facing God”.

In Genesis, Jacob wrestles the Angel, Esau.

Jacob names this location, Peniel, and he was given the name, ‘Israel’.

The struggle between the two men which “raised dust up to the Supernal Throne,” is the cosmic struggle between two nations and two worlds — the spirituality of Israel and the materiality of Edom (Rome).


Nothing is random.

Everything has meaning.

It’s going to be Biblical.


Source: https://t.me/TheRealKimShady/42367

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