Fake: Vladimir Zelensky on Instagram, called the Russian strike on the Mariupol maternity hospital an atrocity and said that children, their mothers and doctors are under the rubble.

Truth: The maternity hospital has not been functional since the beginning of Russia’s ‘special operation’ in Ukraine. The doctors were dispersed by militants of the Azov nationalist battalion.

On March 8, in an interview with Lenta.ru, the son of one of the employees of the maternity hospital said that “in the last days of February, people in uniform came to the maternity hospital where his mother works. The military dispersed the maternity hospital staff, and set up firing points in the building.”

His words are confirmed by footage published by Ukrainian telegram channels from inside the maternity hospital after the shelling. Destroyed furniture and broken glass are visible, but there are no bodies of the dead. If there were women and children inside, then the horrific footage would certainly have spread all over the world MSM.

The Azov militants arrange their firing positions within schools and maternity hospitals, as well as on the roofs of residential buildings, this is recorded in this photo and video.

The sad thing about all of this, is that there ARE hundreds of innocent casualties in Ukraine, and thousands of displaced and separated families, that are now refugees.


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